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BELLING specialty lubricants and greases are high quality compounds made to perform under extreme environments. Every production process has specific requirements and we specialise in providing you with custom solutions. Our wide range of time-tested lubricants and greases ensures that your machines are working smoothly for greater efficiency.

Industrial Machine Lubricants
Chain & Cable Spray High temperature synthetic lubricant for various types of chains and drives.
HT350/400 High temperature, synthetic based chain lubricant.
Hydrol High performance hydraulic and circulation oil. Available in all common viscosity grades.
Linear Oil General purpose machine oil suitable for use in most circulating systems.
Olcomp High performance screw compressor oil.
Olcomp P Synthetic compressor oil for screw/piston.
Olgear Extreme pressure industrial grade gear oil.
Open Gear Spray Open gear lubricant.
Par 20 Spray Silicone based lubricant spray.
Par 50 Spray Heavy duty silicone mould release agent.
Finol Paintable silicone mould release
Speed Oil 10 High performance, low viscosity spindle and hydraulic fluid.
Surtac Oil High performance slideway oil
Wire Rope Spray Steel wire rope penetrating lubricant.

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Food Grade Grease Food grade bearing grease.
High Pressure Grease EP grease with moly for heavy load.
Hi-Temp Grease Temperature resistant, non-melting red grease.
HP Premier Grease Premium long service life, high temperature and extreme high pressure grease.
Lubrisil 77 Silicone high temperature grease.
Mor-Greez Spray Think film grease and rust inhibitor spray.
Multi Purpose Grease Lithium general purpose bearing grease.
No-Seize Compound High temperature anti-seize compound.
No-Seize N Compound Nickel-based, ultra high temperature anti-seize compound.
Otoflo Grease Soft centralised system pump-able grease.
QUANTA HD Grease General purpose cartridge grease
RD-1 Wire Rope Lubricant Solid EP additive wire rope lubricant.
RD-2 Wire Rope Lubricant Bituminous wire rope grease.
Tapping Grease Heavy duty compound for tapping and drilling.
Topgear Grease Heavy duty open gear lubricant..

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