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Since 1983, Liminco has been committed to serving the engineering industry by providing custom solutions to simplify daily production operations. Our range of specialty chemicals and lubricants are refined formulas tailored to achieving top performance results.

BELLING is a registered trademark of Liminco for its range of specialty industrial products. BELLING is designed to improve the production functions of various industries, covering a spectrum of applications to suit complex industrial needs.

  • Semi-Synthetic MWF
    Long service life machining coolants with high lubricating properties. Versatile coolants suitable for multi-metal machining.
  • Fully-Synthetic MWF
    Extra long service life machining coolants for cutting and grinding of metals.
  • Mineral Oil MWF
    Extremely lubricious machining coolant for general metalworking functions.

  • BELLING Flaw Chek
    Liquid Penetrant Inspection.
    - For the detection of surface defects on non-porous materials.
  • BELLING Mag Chek
    Magnetic Particle Inspection.
    -For the detection of surface and sub-surface defects on ferromagnetic materials.