The liquid penetrant inspection method is most suitable for detecting surface cracks on non-porous metals, plastics and ceramics. The BELLING Flaw Chek series is fast and easy to use. Results are known in less than 1 hour without having to dismantle any parts. For increased sensitivity, use a black light and matching fluorescent material in a specially enclosed test area.

BELLING Flaw Chek is a 3-step NDT method using liquid dye penetrant for the detection of surface cracks on non-porous metallic and non-metallic surfaces.
Step 1 - Spray Flaw Chek Cleaner onto test area. Wipe surface with cloth.
Step 2 - Spray Flaw Chek Penetrant red liquid dye onto the cleaned area. Wipe surface with cloth.
Step 3 - Spray on Flaw Chek Developer white powder. Any deformities or cracks will begin to appear in red.

Flaw Chek Product Range

BELLING Flaw Chek Cleaner - Cleaning fluid to prepare surface for testing.
BELLING Flaw Chek Penetrant - Red dye penetrant.
BELLING Flaw Chek F - Fluorescent dye penetrant.
BELLING Flaw Chek Developer - White powder non aqueous developer.