Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is used for detecting surface and shallow sub-surface defects in ferromagnetic materials such as mild steel, cobalt and other low alloy steels. The BELLING Mag Chek series acts fast and performs with high accuracy.

BELLING Mag Chek is a magnetic particle inspection method that can be easily applied with these simple steps:
Step 1 - Clean metal test area with Flaw Chek Cleaner. Wipe surface with cloth.
Step 2 - Spray Mag Chek A white contrast paint onto test area. A thin, white opaque layer will form.
Step 3 - Apply magnetic field to test area. (Magnetic yoke is required for this step.)
Step 4 - Spray Mag Chek B black magnetic ink onto test area. Any surface and sub-surface deformities will begin to appear clearly in black.

Mag Chek Product Range

BELLING Mag Chek A - A high contrast white paint for improved visibility and sensitivity.
BELLING Mag Chek B - Black magnetic ink spray.
BELLING Mag Chek Fluoro G - Fluorescent magnetic ink spray for high sensitivity.