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Our aim is to assist in your industrial processes to efficiently and effectively attain your highest production quality possible whilst protecting your equipment and its parts. BELLING maintenance products covers a wide arena of industrial processes, tailor-made to your specific needs.

General Maintenance Products
4D Industrial grade multipurpose lubricant and rust preventive.
Air Tool Lube Air line and pneumatic hand tool lubricant.
Anti Spatter Fluid Water based spatter release agent.
Belt Grip Spray Rubber belt anti-slip.
DSL Spray Dry film PTFE lubricant.
Glide Spray Clear synthetic lubricant spray.
No Seize Spray High temperature anti-seize aerosol spray with copper and molybdenum.
Sofas Hand Cleaner Gel type waterless cleanser with or without abrasive cleaning beads.
Ultra Glove Protective hand barrier cream.

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Corrosion Inhibitors
Brite Zinc Metallic finish cold galvanising compound.
Galva Matte finish cold galvanising compound.
Corex DRI Durable dry film rust inhibitor.
Corex E6 Concentrated heavy duty tacky film, long term rust preventive.
Corex G Thin film corrosion preventive with green marker.
Corex Clear Clear, thin film corrosion preventive.
Corex W681 Water soluble corrosion inhibitor for pressure vessels.
Oxigo C Rust remover for steel surfaces.
Rus Chek Industrial grade rust converter with protective coating.

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Cleaners & Degreasers
D-Duster Non-flammable compressed air dust blaster.
Degreaser SF Water based heavy duty oil remover.
Degreaser SF(2)T Degreaser and rust remover for steel surfaces.
ECC Spray Electrical contact cleaner.
Elkay 710 CNC machine coolant remover.
Elkay 8K Rapid immersion cleaner for metal parts.
Elkay BZ Environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner and degreaser.
Elkay CC Fast drying cold cleaning aerosol spray.
Elkay RC Cleaning and degreasing spray for model and hobby shop enthusiast.
HD-1 Cleaner Spray Non-flammable solvent cleaner spray.
Impact Cleaner Powerful cleaner and degreaser for flushing of machine sumps.
Motorsol Heavy duty mineral degreaser.
Safety Solvent Cleaner Non-flammable cleaner and degreaser
Ultra Shine Stainless steel cleaner & polish aerosol spray

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